Honda Super Quiet Generators. The Honda EU series generators
are a popular choice at the campground. With superb fuel economy
and low noise level it's no wonder they are a top seller The Honda
EU1000, EU2000, EU3000 and EU7000 are equipped with state of
the art permanent magnet fields and inverter technology. Honda
inverter technology results in superb fuel economy and constant AC
output at a lower engine operating speed. The EU7000 generator is
remote start capable.
Honda EU7000is Inverter
generator is powered by an
electric start  engine. Wheels
included. 52 decbels at 1/4
load, 60 decibels full load.
EU6500is Inverter series with i-monitor
Honda EU1000i inverter
generator. Super quiet and
light weight. Two can be
connected for double the
power. Rope Start
Honda EU3000 inverter
generator is electric start
equipped and is super quiet
at 59db. Connect two
EU3000 generators  together
with this
Gen-Tran Kit
Honda EU2200 Inverter
generator can power most
microwave ovens. Connect
two to double the power.
Rope start.
Honda Industrial Model Generators are equipped with rugged steel cradle frames and crane
hooks (except EB3000 and EB2800i).
All EB2800i, EB3000, EB3800. EB5000 and EB6500
receptacles are completely GFCI protected to satisfy OSHA requirements. These generators are
Construction and Rental duty ready The Honda ES6500 is powered by a two cylinder water
cooled ohc engine. The EW171 is a combination 4000 watt generator and 170 amp welder.
Honda EB4000 AVR generator
is fully GFCI protected. Wheel
kit is standard equipment. 4000
watts output maximum. Large
fuel tank crane hook is included
Honda EB3000 Inverter
generator is equipped with
GFCI, DC 12 volt charging
and rope start. 3000 watts
output max.
Honda EB6500 Generator AVR
technology  produces 6500
watts maximum. GFCI
Electric start, battery
and battery tray kit is optional.
Honda Deluxe Model Generators are
equipped with DC 12 volt battery charging
outlets, steel cradle frames. All models are
electric start and recoil equipped and are
remote start capable. EM model generators
may require optional battery and tray kits. The
Honda Deluxe series generators are a good
choice for RV, home standby, emergency
power outage and use with a transfer switch.
Deluxe Model Generators are not GFCI
Honda EM4000 Generator
produces 3800 watts max from
AVR technology. Handlebars
and wheels are removable for
truck mounting. Electric start
may require battery tray kit
Honda EM5000 Generator
technology delivers
5000 watts max. Wheels
and handlebars are
removable. Electric start
may require battery tray kit.
Honda EM6500 Generator
includes electric starter and
wheel kit. If needed, battery
and tray is optional.
technology delivers 6500
watts maximum.
Honda Economy Generators provide a no frills package. The EG model generators all feature
heavy duty GX series Honda overhead valve engines, metal fuel tanks, DC 12 volt output and
industrial quality generator windings. Honda Economy Generators are a good choice where GFCI
is NOT needed and a simple frame and panel is required.
Honda EG4000 Generator AVR
generator produces 4000 watts
max. Powered by the Honda GX
industrial series engine.  
Honda EG5000 Generator  
generates electricity using
panel includes twist lock
receptacles. Honda quality
in an economical package.
Honda EG6500 Generator
includes twist lock receptacles
AVR technology. The
EG6500 includes heavy duty
windings and a GX series
Honda engine.
Who is GFCI, AVR and Inverter? What's all this talk about watts?
  • GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupt. If your power tool or appliance has a defect, gfci will
    disconnect the electricity to that device before it can electrocute you.
  • AVR is short for Automatic Voltage Regulator. Lower quality generators do not include this feature. the
    voltage delivered by these generators can fluctuate 30 volts or more. This can cause equipment failure.
  • Inverter regulation is the latest state of the art method of generating electricity. Conventional AVR
    generators need to run at a constant speed to deliver 60 cycles of AC current. Inverter technology allows
    the engine speed to range from near idle to maximum rpm and deliver 120 volt AC 60 cycle current.
    This results in a huge fuel savings. Most Inverter generators will pay for the extra cost in fuel savings.
  • Watts is a standard indicating how much power a generator can produce. It is important to match the
    amount of watts needed to power a given appliance. For instance a standard home range needs
    12,500 watts of 240 volt power when all elements are used.
Why are there so many models of generators?
  • Honda EB series generators are intended for pro job sites requiring GFCI protection on all receptacles
    Unfortunately they cannot be used with transfer switches because the GFCI switch trips. EB AVR series
    generators can have the neutral bond removed which will allow use with a transfer switch. The EB
    inverter series generators cannot be used with a transfer switch.
  • Honda EU series generators are super quiet high tech inverter equipped models with the unique ability
    to have two generators coupled together to produce roughly twice the power. They are perfect for
    camping, RV and can be used with a transfer switch to provide emergency power for your building.
  • Honda EM series generators are slightly louder in noise volume than the EU series but all models
    include electric start and remote control options. The logical choice for the EM generator would be for
    RV use where the slightly increased noise volume is not a problem. They are also perfect for home or
    business emergency power since they can be used with a transfer switch.
  • Honda EG series generators are heavy duty generators just as the EB and EM generators but are
    designed without GFCI protection. The Honda EG series generators are a good value for the price paid.
Honda EU3000 Handi
generator and is
super quiet at 57db. Two
Handi generators can be
connected together. Rope
Start ONLY.
Honda EW171 Welder
Genertor HAS BEEN
DISCONTINUED. Please click
for other options.
Honda EB5000 Generator AVR
technology  produces 5000
watts maximum. GFCI
Electric start, battery
and battery tray kit is optional.
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Honda EB10000 Generator
technology  produces
10,000 watts maximum. GFCI
Electric start.