Why buy an unreliable compressor that can hold your livelihood hostage?
Our Mi-T-M, Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand and Ciasons air compressors
have the quality and performance to get the job done. We back every
purchase with local in house warranty and repair service.
Portable air compressors
Stationary air compressors
Electric air compressors
Gasoline or Diesel compressors
Mi-T-M Electric powered portable air compressors are just the
ticket for roofing contractors that are restricted to electric only
codes. These electric motor compressors are a great choice
for a homeowner that wants a durable compressor that's
designed for professional use. Please click the link above for
more information
Mi-T-M Electric powered stationary or semi permanent mount
air compressors utilize the same high quality compressor
pumps, heavy gauge tanks and base mounts as the portable
compressors. The stationary pumps are ideal for repair
garages, tire stores and machine shops. Please click the link
above for more information
Ingersoll Rand is a major force in the air compressor industry.
Their cast iron pumps and powder coated tanks and bases
make them an attractive choice for heavy duty applications that
require a reliable trouble free compressor. The Ingersoll Rand
pumps are available in electric or gasoline permanent mount
and portable models. Please click the links above for more
information about the Electric Powered Compresors.
Powered Ingersoll Rand Compressors are listed above.
Gasoline powered bolt down or stationary compressors are
the best choice for service trucks, mobile repair companies
and tire service companies. We stock the Ingersoll Rand
2475F13GH and the Atlas Copco KTG13H. Both compressors
are 13hp  Honda engine powered. Kohler powered models
are available on a special order basis.
A diversified choice of gasoline powered compressors is
available from APD Power Center in super portable 5 gallon
tank to the 30 gallon wheel models. We stock the Mi-T-M,
Ingersoll Rand and Ciason compressor brands. These
compressors are perfect for roofing companies, mobile repair
and general contractors. For more information, click the link
Need more information? Visit us at our show room in  
Arizona. Our info number is (480) 838-7472
Air Compressor and Generator in one unit! Is it a
compressor or is it a 120V generator?
It's both! Some models
are available with wheels and handlebars or bolt down skid
mount. Honda or Subaru Robin engine powered.