MultiQuip isn't exactly a house hold name but visit nearly any construction site where up
time and performance are a premium and you'll see MultiQuip products nearly everywhere.
MultiQuip generators, the equipment of choice for many rental yards are manufactured with
tough rugged steel frames and are equipped with crane hooks. Multi Quip generators
feature brushless designs with automatic idle controllers.
Yamaha EF1000, Yamaha EF2600, Yamaha EF3000
MultiQuip GA36H Generator. Yamaha YG4000
MultiQuip GA6000H
Yamaha YG5200
MultiQuip GA97HE Generators. Yamaha YG6600
MultiQuip Welder GA135H
Welder generators supply both AC and arc welding
power in the same machine.
MultiQuip DA7000SS, DCA10SPX3, TLG12SPX,
DCA15SPX3 diesel powered generators are
available in 3600 and 1800 rpm models. All models
are enclosed in a sound reducing enclosure
producing a clean quiet 7000 to 16500 watts.
So many choices! How do I decide what generator is best for me? Here is a brief synopsis of our models.
MultiQuip generators are designed for hd construction and industrial use. Limited GFCI
Mitsubishi generators are industrial grade. Limited GFCI
What is GFCI? GFCI is short for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt. Imagine using a power tool with a wiring
defect. GFCI disconnects the power to that tool before it can electrocute you. This is an OSHA requirement
and is just good common sense. MultiQuip and Mitsubishi have protected selected receptacles with GFCI
We use the term contractor and industrial grade frequently. Will it work for home standby or RV? The
answer is a qualified yes! Noise levels may be higher than models designed for RV or Standby Power
use. These generators sets also do not feature automatic start.  Please
Contact us with any questions.
Yamaha! What else can we say? Yamaha's success in producing motorcycles, generators,
musical instruments and electronics is nothing short of legendary. They produce a quality
product that is second to none. Yamaha's large generator lineup includes inverter regulated
as well as conventional AVR designs. Quiet, powerful and durable generators from Yamaha
MultiQuip and Yamaha  Generators
Need more information? Visit us at our
show room in  Arizona. Our info
number is (480) 838-7472
Honda Portable Power
Systems 3800 watt, 5000
watt and 6500 watt home
power standby systems with
a unique intelligent advantage.