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matches your needs. We know some of you like to discover knowledge
through your own work. We've listed some basic tasks below and the
best models of generators to accomplish that task.
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*Wheels and crane hooks
*Electric starter
*Auto idle to save fuel
*Large muffler, lower noise
*Rugged unit for HD use.
*Does not have GFCI
*Use with your camp trailer
*Remote start capable
*Good for emergency power
*Solid built no frills unit
*Rugged steel frame
*Large quiet muffler
*Good for use where you don't
need wheels, electric start, GFCI
or automatic idle.

*Good for emergency power,
*RV or industrial use where
GFCI is not needed.
*Best fuel economy possible
*Power output as clean or cleaner than

*Want to hook two units together to
double power.
*Low noise, keep my neighbors happy.
*Use for emergency power.
*Best for portability
*Camping and RV
*Some models are remote start capable
Click each individual link to the right for more information on that
model. All wattage listed is maximum output. Please see individual
links for more information.
*Large muffler, lower noise
*Rugged design for HD use
*GFI and GFCI protection
*Recoil/manual start on all models
except the EB10000

*Best models for construction and
industrial use