BCS Two Wheeled Tractors.  
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What's the difference between a BCS Two Wheeled Tractor and a
garden tiller? Most garden tillers are toys compared to the BCS. With an
all gear transmission, power take off and an automotive style clutch,
these tractors can plow, mow, till, plant seed crops, lay plastic mulch,
pressure wash and much more.

Why buy from APD Power Center?
Assembly and testing is included in EVERY BCS tractor sale. If we
sold it. We take care of it. If you need warranty service we are here
to help you.

of the following implements are easily swapped with the BCS quick
hitch system. One machine can power many different implements.Many
other tractors and implements are available. Please contact us at
480 838-7472 or click the BCS link at the bottom of the page.
A flail mower is a
great way to chop up
your old corn stalks,
vines and other tough
fibrous plant material.
Follow that up with a
pass or two with your
Optional Precision depth roller
installed on the 30 inch rear tine tiller.
The precision depth roller allows you
to control tillage depth from 1/2 inch to
2 inches.
Optional quick hitches allow tool
changes in minutes. Female hitch
mounts to the tractor, male hitch
mounts on the implement. Pull
the lever to release the hitch.
Get one male hitch for each
implement! Purchase one tractor
and two attachments and get free
quick hitches!
The rotary plow "Groundblaster"
attaches to the tractor's PTO and
spins at about 290 RPM. Digs into all
types of soil including  clay (caliche)
and rocky soil 12 inches deep. The
plow ejects the soil to the right side.
You can build raised beds with this
attachment by making two passes.

This plow is perfect for new, hard
untilled soil, drainage ditches, hilling,
blending in compost and many other

Single pass plow is pictured. A swivel
rotary plow with two cutter heads is
also available. The swivel rotary plow
head can be rotated 180 degrees
allowing either right or left discharge.
I.e. You don't fill up the furrow you just
made with your second pass. Only
one cutter head is in use at one time.
Left and right plows can't be used
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739 Tractor with
flail mower.