The patented WYCO square head vibrator for a successful pour in your concrete forms
Models are available in 120 volt 60 cycle, 230 volt, Air pressure driven, Backpack gas
powered, hand held  and Hydraulic powered.
WYCO Core/Casing
CK9500 casings are available in 2, 5, 7, 10, 14 and 20 foot lengths.

*Central core is available separately from outer casing
*Casings are available in threaded or in quick connnect.

*Threaded casings can be converted to quick connect with thread on adapter
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WYCO  EZ Vibe hand held concrete vibrator for sale in Phoenix Arizona.
*Honda 4 cycle engine 1.6 hp
*Portable, no generator or electrical power needed
*Excellent as a backup vibrator in case of equipment failure.
*Excellent for use in sign pole bases, culverts, footings, bridge decks
WYCO ErgoPack backpack style concrete vibrator
*Weight is supported by the operator's hips, reduces operator fatigue
*Powers up to a two inch vibrator head
*Honda 4 cycle GXH50 engine 50cc
*Control speed can be locked in with digital read out.
*Compatible with quick disconnect core and casing
WYCO Square Head Vibrators for sale in Phoenix Arizona. Metal Heads are
available in the following sizes:

13/16 inch
1 inch
1-3/8 inch
1-3/4 inch
2 inch
2-1/4 inch
2-1/2 inch

Optional Polyurethane coated heads are available in the following sizes:
1-3/4 inch
2-3/8 inch
2.88 inch (approximately 2-7/8 inch)
WYCO Vibrator Motor
W995 Wyco 3 wire grounded 115V also available in 230 volt.
*Quick disconnect shown. *Available in threaded connection
Back Pack style
Concrete Vibrator
Honda Engine.
Hand Held Style
Concrete Vibrator
Honda engine!
Wyco, Northrock, MultiQuip and Wacker concrete vibrators sold and serviced in the
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