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MultiQuip GAW180HE 180 amp portable arc welder for sale in Phoenix Arizona
*Electric and recoil starter is standard equipment
*Arc welding current range is 50 to 180 amps DC
*3,000 watt AC 120 volt generator output
*Arc force fine tuning control helps prevent rod sticking during low power welding jobs
*Welding current and AC power can be drawn at the same time (not at full load for each)
*Honda GX engine with low oil shutdown
*Engine idle control with over-ride switch
*Full panel GFCI protection meets OSHA and NEC certification
*Permanent magnet alternator reduces weight and increases power output
*DC welding voltage 26.8 volts
*50 percent duty cycle at 180 amps welding
*Welding processes: SMAW,  FCAW,  GMAW
*3.7 gallon fuel tank. Engine uses .93 gallons per hour at rated load

AC generator produces 25 amps 3000 watts at 120 volts
*2  20 amp 120 volt L5-20 receptacles (one duplex L5-20R)
*1  20 amp 120 volt twist to lock receptacle
*Re-settable circuit breaker is included
*27.5 x 22 x 23.8 inches length, width and height
*246 pounds with oil and fuel
180 amp DC Welder
Electric Start with
Recoil Start backup