Stihl BT45WBD gas powered drill
*27.2 cc, 1.07 hp,
*663 rpm in 1st gear, 1972 rpm in 2nd gear, 590 rpm in reverse.
*1/2 inch max keyless chuck.
*Drills holes up to 1 inch maximum in wood.
*Weighs 10.5 lbs.
*Optional kit allows this drill to core drill concrete.
Echo EDR-260 Gas powered drill
*25.4 cc 1.4 hp engine
*17.1 to 1 gear reduction,
*12 ft pounds torque
*0 to 650 rpm with forward or reverse
*Single speed gear reduction.
*1/2 inch max keyless drill chuck
*Weighs 10.7 lbs.
Gas powered drills and augers provide enormous portability and functionality, in a compact
package. The drills are available in models that are perfect for the construction and
landscaping trade.  Imagine the time saving convenience one of these drills would have in
your business. Gasoline powered drills for sale in Phoenix Arizona from APD Power Center
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Stihl BT45
Two speed
More Stihl products for sale in the Phoenix Arizona area from APD Power Center
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