The BCS power sweeper sold by APD Power Center in Arizona is a great
time saver. The power sweeper's heavy duty nylon bristles make quick work of
sweeping dirt and debris in parking lots, driveways and sidewalks.

As with a broom, the sweeper does not remove debris, it pushes debris from
one area to another. The handle allows the operator to adjust the angle of the
sweeper head to left, right or centered positions.

Rear mounted caster wheels have removable spacers allowing the broom to
be adjusted closer or higher to the swept object.

A few great uses for the power sweeper include:
*Snow removal (if only we had a little in Phoenix Arizona!)
*Parking lot, driveway and sidewalk cleanup.
*Remove road salt, cinders and sand from lawns after winter.
*Dethatching lawns. Sweep dead grass and leaves into a windrow for cleanup.
*Construction site cleanup.
*Dock cleanup
*Roof cleanup

Available in 30, 40 and 48 inch widths:
Recommended tractor sizes:
30 inch power sweeper: 710 and larger
40 inch power sweeper: 722 and larger
48 inch power sweeper: 739 and larger

Add the sulky and ride while you sweep!

Sulky is not recommended for use with tractors that do not have turning brakes
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