BCS tractors and attachments for sale in Arizona by APD Power Center. BCS Elite dealer.
Factory trained and authorized for Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Kohler, Vanguard Engines.
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Works with all BCS walk behind tractors.

Dump the load with with dump lever located on the tongue!

The BCS buddy cart connects to your BCS tractor at the pto flange. The BCS
buddy cart can be connected with quick hitches or bolted directly to the tractor
pto flange. The BCS 750 will require an adapter flange.

The cart weighs 82 pounds empty. The rust proof poly tub can haul up to 450
lbs and has a 10.3 cubic foot capacity. The dimensions of the buddy cart are: 33.5 inches wide,
72 inches long, 27 inches high. The distance between the wheels is 21.5 inches from the inside
of the tires. The overall track width is 29.5

The buddy cart can be used with the tractor handle bars in front or rear mount
Cart dumps
with the flick of
a lever!
cubic feet
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