BCS 750PS Tractor. Designed for the commercial market farm and
system is unique to ONLY this tractor. Adaptors are available making
nursery. The 750PS BCS walk behind tractor is the only BCS model
this tractor compatible with other attachments and implements.

This BCS 750 garden tractor is equipped with a a hydro mechanical
oil cooled multi plate wet clutch.

*Heavy duty cast iron quick hitch is unique to just this model.
*Quick hitch mounts are not compatible with the smaller tractors!
*Optional adapters allow quick hitch compatibility with other BCS
*Individual turning brakes on each wheel with a differential axle
*Honda GX390 engine. Recoil start or optional Electric start
*389cc engine produces 11.7 hp and 19.5 ft pounds of torque
*Weighs 455 pounds with the 33 inch tiller attached.
*Optional 76 pound weights attach to the transmission body
*3 forward and 3 reverse speeds with a Quick Shuttle Reverse
*Forward or reverse with just a flip of the quick shuttle lever
*All gear drive. No belts to replace or chains that need to be oiled
*Gear reduction system on the drive axle for slower ground speeds
*Slower ground speeds equals deeper and better tillage
*Speeds 0.6, 1.4 and 2.1 mph forward or reverse
*Oil cooled wet multi plate clutch.
*Standard wheel size is 6 1/2 x 12 inches. 22 inch diameter tire
*Axle has a differential for easy turning with a lockup lever.

Limited warranty for consumer and hobby farmers:
Transmission: Lifetime for the original owner
Clutch: 5 years
Engine and the rest of the tractor components: 3 years

Limited warranty for commercial use:
Transmission: 5 years
The rest of the tractor components: 1 year
Honda engine warranty: 3 years

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