Conrader Smart Start relieves hard starting problems in small compressors. Unscrew
the old filter and thread in the Smart Start and stop popping circuit breakers.
Smart Start works by regulating inlet air, allowing the motor to reach operating speed

A/C38        3/8" pipe thread size
A/C12        1/2" pipe thread size
A/C12RK   Replacement filter
Conrader Pilot unloader valves for sale in Arizona
Replace your worn, sticking pilot unloader valve.
We have several configurations for different models in stock
Conrader "Bull Whip" Gas engine throttle controller for sale in Arizona
Mount the whip with the included clip and insert the bent wire end into
the engine's throttle control assembly. Attach an air line from the port
unloader to the end of the whip. When the port unloader cycles, the
engine idles. Wire extends (pushes) to idle engine.

TC12-TCP-12        12" whip
TC12-TCP-24        24" whip
TC12-TCP-36        36" whip
TC12-TCP-60        60" whip

Compressor must be equipped with head unloaders and a pilot
Conrader Honda engine throttle controller. Controller
mounts to Honda engine speed control. Models are
available with or without bushing on wire end. Bushing
inserts into larger hole in throttle lever. Model with
straight wire inserts into smaller holes.
Air line from pilot unloader attaches to the controller.
Air pressure extends the wire to move throttle lever to
the idle position
TCSP-H-5565B 5.5 to 6.5 hp
TCSP-H-1113B 8hp to 13 hp

Engine must be equipped with variable speed throttle
lever. Compressor must be equipped with pilot unloader
and head unloaders.
Compressor filter assemblies and replacement elements for sale by APD Power Center
in Arizona.
Contact us for more information
TubeLok fittings for air compressors.
We have versions with female threads or male threads

Please stop by with a sample or contact us for more information.
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Air compressor pressure regulators in stock in Arizona. We have several models
to choose from.
Inline air dryers for air compressors.
Air compressor pumps for sale. APD Power center in Arizona sells a
wide variety of compressor pumps.
Air compressor oil in stock at our Tempe Arizona
Switch for electric air compressors in
stock at APD Power Center.