Ground Hog T-4H Trencher for sale
Arizona by APD Power Center

*GX160 Honda engine
*Manual push type trencher
*Chains are available with either Shark or
Bullet type carbide teeth.
*Shark teeth: fine cut, non rocky soil
*Bullet teeth: Better for rocky soil.
*Ratcheting wheels keep the trencher
moving in the trenching direction.
*Tapered roller and double ball bearings
*Simple easy to use operator controls
*24 inches wide. Fits through door ways
*Weighs 230 pounds
*Digs at approximately 180 feet/minute
*Available with either 18 or 12 inch bar
*60 x 24 x 41 inches LWH
Stihl One Man Auger BT131 Earth Auger for
Sale in Arizona
*Quickstop Brake.
*1.9 hp, 30.8 cc engine.
*200 rpm
*1.25 ft lbs torque (engine)
*60 ft lbs torque at auger bit
*Powerhead weighs 22 lbs.
*Hip pad for better comfort of use
*Excellent for post holes, termite baits,
planting gardens.
*Auger extension is available
Auger sold separately. Augers are available in

sizes from 1.6 inch to 7.9 inches
Ground Hog Two Man Auger  C71-5H for sale in

*GX160 Honda engine.
*Time tested heavy duty transmission
*Approx 150  foot lbs of torque at 180 rpm.
*Standard 7/8 inch square drive.
*Easily digs with a 12 inch auger.
*Augers are approx 38 inches in length.
*Extension shafts are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 foot

*Heavy duty centrifugal clutch with needle bearings
Stihl BT45 Planting Auger for sale in

*27.2 cc, 1.07 hp,
*663 rpm in 1st gear,
*1972 rpm in 2nd gear,
*590 rpm in reverse.
*1/2 inch keyless drill type chuck
*Good for termite bait installation
*Excellent for mixing paint, etc.
*Excellent for planting small plants in non
compacted, non rocky soil
*Drills holes up to 5 inches maximum
in earth.
*Best used in light soil. Not for use in
rocky or very hard compacted soil.
*Weighs 10.5 lbs.
APD Power Center Phoenix Arizona 412 W Gemini Drive Tempe AZ 85283
(480) 838-7472 (800) 789-7894  apdpowercenter at
Good used for
Termite baits
Small shrub
mixing paint!
Not for use in
Hard or Rocky
Soil. Use the
BT131 for hard
rocky soil.
Available augers for drilling post holes,
termite bait holes. Paint and drywall
compound mixing paddles are available.
32mm Male Spline
drive for no slip
drilling in clay and
rocky soil. Machine
spline is male. Uses
female spline bits
as pictured below
Spline to
1" square
bit adapter