Our parts department is open from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, mountain standard
time. To properly serve you, we need the information from the engine and or the
equipment tag. We need model, serial number and trim or code.

For repairs and service:

All non-warranty repairs are charged a check out charge and or deposit.

Our service deparment is open from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, mountain standard
time. A check out charge is required at the time your machine is dropped off
for repair.

After the problems with your equipment have been diagnosed, our service manager
will contact you with an estimate.

There may be an additional repair charge for potential warranty service on some
brands of equipment. Some equipment makers do not pay warranty labor.

ALL equipment must be brought into our facility for warranty service.

We don't get paid by the manufacturer without proof of purchase.

Here are a few things that are NOT covered by manufacturer's warranty:
*Stale, bad fuel and resulting damage to carburetors, fuel lines and fuel tanks.
*Dirt ingestion. Operation without an air filter or failure to replace the air filter.
*Operation without proper lubricating oil and or greases.
*Improper maintenance. Failure to follow equipment service intervals.
*Water or dirt in fuel or diesel fuel in a gasoline engine fuel tank.
*Plugged, clogged fuel filters, hoses or air filters. Debris in fuel tanks.
*Melted pressure washer valves.
*Physical damage. Bent frames, broken housings, chipped blades, lightning strikes,
*These are the most common problems we see in our repair shop. Other exclusions
apply to most manufacturer's limited warranties. This is not a complete list.

Please contact us with the phone number listed below or send us an email to:
APD Power Center Phoenix Arizona 412 W Gemini Drive Tempe AZ 85283
(480) 838-7472     (800) 789-7894