The BCS 853 and 852 Walk behind tractor is one of the most
versatile tractors in the BCS lineup. Some Arizona farmers are
declaring this tractor to be the best machine they have ever

The 853 and 852 tractors both have three forward and three
reverse speeds ranging from 0.7, 1.7 and 2.7 mph. In addition to
those three speeds this tractor has one additional transport speed
of 8.3 mph. This transport speed is perfect for ride on implements
such as the utility trailer and mowing sulky.

The 853 and 852 BCS walk behind tractors are identical except:

The 853 8.3 mph speed only works in rear mount mode. Such as
when a tiller is attached.

The 852 8.3 mph speed only works in front mount mode. Such as
when the handlebars are reversed 180 degrees for a mower.

This BCS walk behind tractor is much more than a tiller. It can pull
a plow, mow, pull four seed planters, pump water and much more.

*Independent turning brakes on each wheel.
*Honda GX390 engine available in recoil or electric start
*389 cc Honda engine produces 11.7 hp and 19.5 ft lbs torque
*Weighs 342 pounds when equipped with 30 inch tiller
*3 forward and 3 reverse speeds. 8.3 mph transport speed
*Shuttle forward and reverse does not require a gear change.
*All gear drive. No belts, no chains.
*Standard wheel size is 5x12 inches tire diameter is 22 inches
*Differential drive for easy cornering. One lever lockout (posi track)
*Automotive style double cone dry clutch is repairable in the field

Limited warranty for home owner and hobby farmer use
Transmission: Lifetime for the original owner
Clutch: 3 years
Engine and all other tractor parts: 3 years

Limited warranty for commercial use
Transmission: 5 years
All other tractor parts: 1 year
Honda engine: 3 years

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