Stihl MM56 Tiller Yard Boss for sale in Arizona by APD Power Center
BF-MM Pick tine cultivator. Helps prepare
for planting by stirring, aerating and
loosening soil
4601 740 4605
RL-MM Aerator attachment. Not for
digging. The tines cut holes into the
ground allowing nutrients and water to
reach the roots.
4601 740 4600
FC-MM Bed edger attachment. Keep that
sharp edge between beds and lawn.
4601 740 4603
MF-MM Lawn Dethatcher. Loosens dead
grass and debris from topsoil. Must use
with  optional large deflector and extensions.
4601 740 4607
KW-MM Powersweep tm. Sweeps caked
on dirt from  hard surfaces, pebbles from
turf. Sweeps light snow. Must use with
optional large deflector and extensions.
4601 740 4604
KB-MM Bristle brush. 24 inch wide nylon
brush makes quick work of any
sweeping job. Must use with optional
large deflector and extensions
4601 740 4901
Available Depth Gauge. Adjustable
gauge keeps your tilling at a consistent
4601 716 7000
Available Weight Kit adds stability in
hard or compacted soils.
4601 730 4500
BK-MM Bolo tines improve performance
in rocky, sandy or hard soil conditions.
4601 740 4606
Wheel Kit makes it easy to transport your
Yard Boss
tm and allows more operator
4601 007 1008
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Large Deflector with Extensions
4601 007 1009
Stihl MM56 Yard Boss multi task tool
With the correct optional attachment, this
machine can:
*Till your garden spot
*Sweep the sidewalk, patio or garage
*Edge the flower bed or lawn
*String trim your lawn or flower bed
*Dethatch your lawn
*Aerate your lawn for fertlizer and water

*27.2 cc two cycle engine
*1.14 horse power
*8.5 cultivating width
*Tiller diameter is approximately 9.1 inches
*Weighs 22.37 pounds (power head only)
*200 rpm attachment speed
*Holds 11.5 ounces of 2 stroke fuel mix
*Handle bars fold for compact storage
*Stihl Easy2Start for almost effortless starting
*Purge primer bulb makes starting easier

Available attachments are listed below.
Tiller attachment
sold separately
from power head
The following attachments require this optional Large Deflector with Extensions