Danger of high pressure injection! Never place any body part in
front of the spray stream. Serious injury or death may occur.
Always read all safety and operation instructions before operating.
Never attempt to interchange spray tips without stopping machine.
Power or pressure washer pumps need to be flushed with antifreeze solutions before
storage.  Mechanical parts in the pump are prone to failure if not properly protected
from freezing and corrosion.

Think about it. You have finished a power washing job and removed the garden hose
connecton. The washer is stored in an unheated area. The water retained in the
washer freezes, expands and cracks the pump. That results in an expensive repair
that may cost more than the washer's retail value.

Many consumers and pros alike don't realize their pressure washer pumps have a sump
containing oil just like their car or truck. This oil needs to be changed on a regular basis
to preserve your pressure washer's life. APD Power Center located in Phoenix Arizona
stocks pump oil and pump saver antifreeze and anti-corrosion chemicals. Give us a call!
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Honda and Kohler powered belt drive pressure washers. We shop the best deals from
several manufacturers. Please call for current inventory and pricing.
Economical home owner or pro light use pressure washers for sale in Phoenix Arizona
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and your low price.
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Protect your investment!
Pump Saver antifreeze and
corrosion preventative
prolongs the life of your power
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Pressure washers and power washers for sold by APD Power Center in Arizona
Pro model direct drive pressure washers with direct drive pumps. We stock Alkota, BE,
Hydro Tek, Nilfisk Pressure Pro and Whitco power or pressure washers.
Stock changes on a daily basis. Please call for current availability and pricing
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Skid mounted pressure washers sold by APD Power Center in Phoenix Arizona. 5000
psi, 5 gallons per minute. to 2700 psi, 2.5 gallons per minute. Please contact us for
current stock and pricing.