Honda FRC800 Rear Tine 3 speed Tiller for sale in Arizona

  • Rear tine means the tires are rolling over your freshly tilled soil
  • Loop handle allows operator to stand on either the left or right side of the machine
   during operation.
  • GX240 270cc Honda commercial grade engine
  • 20 inch tilling wdith
  • 12 inch tine diameter for non commercial use.
  • Dual Element Cyclone air filter. Cyclone system swirls much of the dust out before it
   reaches the filter, reducing filter changes.
  • 4.6 quart fuel tank
  • 3 speeds forward, 1 reverse gear
  • 225 rpm tine speed
  • Transmission is chain and gear drive. V belt is used from engine to transmission.
  • 65.4"L x 24"W x 49"H
  • Weighs 265 pounds
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