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A number of years ago, Briggs and Stratton realized
they were losing market share in the industrial,
commercial and heavy duty small engine market.

Briggs and Stratton and Daihatsu (now Toyota) co
designed a heavy duty engine that was and is wildly

The name of that engine is Vanguard. While Briggs
Daihatsu/Toyota no longer co design and produce
engines, the quality of the Vanguard engine lives on.

The Vanguard is a heavy duty commercial grade
engine with exceptional warranty service provided by
the parent company Briggs and Stratton.
40 horsepower Vanguard electronic fuel injected engine for sale in Arizona. This engine is an
excellent choice for:
*Stump grinders
*Parking lot sweepers
*Large power or pressure washers
*Electrical Generators
*Easy starting, no choke required
*Up to 25 percent less fuel used vs an engine equipped with a carburetor
*993 cc
*Available in smaller engine sizes.
Vanguard engines for sale in Arizona. Vanguard V-Twin engines are available in the following

479cc 13 hp
479cc 16 hp
570cc 18 hp
627cc 21 hp
627cc 23 hp
896cc 25 hp
896cc 27 hp
896cc 29 hp
896cc 31 hp
993cc 33 hp
993cc 35 hp

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Fuel Injected
engine with
Picture is representative
of a V-Twin engine not
all Vanguard engines are
exactly as shown in this