Echo PB9010T tube throttle and PB9010H hip throttle.
*79.9cc two stroke engine.
*83.8 ounces fuel capacity
*1110 cubic feet per minute
*220 mph wind velocity
*80 Decibel noise rating.
*Fan intake draws air across the user's back for added comfort in hot weather
*PB-9010T weighs 26.7 lbs (plus weight of fuel)
*PB-9010H weighs 26.4 lbs (plus weight of fuel)
*2 year commercial warranty
*5 year non commercial residential warranty
APD Power Center Phoenix Arizona 412 W Gemini Drive Tempe AZ 85283
(480) 838-7472 (800) 789-7894  apdpowercenter at
PB-9010H Hip throttle version.
Throttle is controlled by the
left hand. The choice of most
of our customers.
PB-9010T tube throttle
version. Throttle and tube
controll is handled  by the
right hand.