BCS Ride on Utility Dump Trailer for sale in Arizona

I was watching a travelogue filmed in southern Italy. The host was walking
down a lonely empty farm road. Within a few minutes a farmer showed up
with a BCS Tractor with a cart attached. He was returning from the market
after hauling his produce in a utility trailer.

The farmer stopped and offered the TV show host a ride.
For safety
reasons we don't recommend riders in the utility trailer other than the
. The show did illustrate just how versatile the BCS tractor and utility
trailer is.

Why not drive to the field, pick your produce and ride back in comfort? Turn
your BCS tractor into a dump truck!

The BCS utility trailer from APD Power Center in the Phoenix Arizona area
has the following features:

*Padded driver's seat
*Up to 1100 pound capacity 1/2 ton!
*16 cubic feet
*59 x 43 x 10.5 inches  length width and depth
*45 inch wheelbase (outside of wheels) 29.5 inch wheelbase (inside of wheels)
*Easy to use Dump feature
*Tailgate swings down and is removable
*8 feet total length including the tongue. Does not include length of tractor and
curved coupler hitch.
*Not for use with other implements such as tiller. Trailer must be removed
*Cannot be used with BCS tracks.

Recommended tractors: All models with turning brakes and differential:
749, 770, 852, 853
Required accessory:
Curved coupler hitch.

Give us a call at 480 838-7472 or 800-789-7894 send us an email to:

APD Power Center 412 W Gemini Dr. Tempe AZ 85283-1709
APD Power Center Phoenix Arizona 412 W Gemini Drive Tempe AZ 85283
(480) 838-7472 (800) 789-7894  apdpowercenter at yahoo.com