Honda Indoor manual transfer switch by
GenTran  includes plug connection installed
directly into the panel. This transfer switch is
designed for dry areas such as garages or
carports where the power cord and generator
are placed outside in the driveway.
Generator should never be run inside the
Honda Indoor manual transfer switch from
Gen-Tran is designed to be used with the
weather resistant power inlet box listed
below. The switch is mounted inside the
building and wired through the wall to the
inlet box mounted outside.
Honda weather resistant power inlet boxes from
Gen-Tran allow a connection from the outside of the
building to the indoor transfer switch.
The box mounts
with the connection down
. Picture is shown with the
box on it's side for clarity. Aluminum enclosure resists
corrosion. We have other models that include a circuit
breaker if specified by your electrician for your local
code. Please inquire for more information.
Build your own inlet box. Gen-Tran  14000
30 Amp L14-30P 125/250V
30 Amp L5-30P 125V only EU3000i
50 Amp CS6360N 125V only
50 Amp CS6364N 125/250V
Empty box, add your plug Gen-Tran
Transfer switches save you a lot of work and headaches in
a power outage. With a transfer switch you no longer need
to run extension cords into the building to power lights,
refrigerators, freezers and televisions. Simply plug your
generator into the transfer switch, start the generator and
flip the switches.
A power outage may tempt you to connect your generator directly to the utility box of your home or business.
Don't do it!  It is illegal and can cause a power feed down the utility lines possibly electrocuting a utility
worker. When the power is restored by the utility severe damage will occur to your generator.  Transfer
switches eliminate this problem and enable a safe and quick connection in case of utility power failure.