WIRELESS remote start kit for the Honda
. Key fob is equipped with buttons to
remote choke and crank start your EU3000.
Generator must have the battery installed for this
kit to work. We recommend professional
installation as your EU3000 will require some
disassembly. Soldering and mounting of the
components is required. Outdoor range with
fresh batteries is approximately 50 feet. Range
will be reduced if radio signal must pass through

Honda  wired remote kits make it easy to start your
EM or EX series Honda Generator from inside your
RV, Cabin or Home. This kit is also perfect for
remote starting and stopping your generator at the
jobsite. EM3800, 5000 and 6500 SX generators will
need an optional battery tray kit.  Models are
available with 30 or 50 foot cables.
Style A remote with 30 foot cable.
Can use the 50 foot extensioin
EM3800SX, EM5000SX,
EM6500SX from 2004. 30
foot cable.
Style A
EM5000i, EM7000i
inverter series 30 foot
Style A
EM6500SXK1, EM5000is
EM7000is, EU6500is Kit
with 50 foot cable.
Style B
50 Foot extension for the
above remote start kits
EM3500, EM5000 (built
prior to 2004 2 piece
Style B
Remote with 50
foot Cable.
We highly recommend purchase and installation of remote start kits be performed by your local
Authorized Honda Generator dealer. Some disassembly and mechanical skills are need for the
installation. The CE2Y kit requires soldering and modification of the generator.
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