Bosch Brute Hammer BH2760VCB
*65 pound weight
*120 volt 15 amp
*1 1/8 inch Hex keyless chuck
*35 foot pounds impact force
*1,000 beats per minute
*Grease packed gearbox and hammer mechanism
*Rubberized nonslip housing cover
*Hammer tube design helps dissipate heat.
Bosch Hammer Drill
Bulldog Xtreme 11255VSR
*3 modes: Drill, hammer only and rotary
*Vibration control for user comfort
*8 amp motor Zero to 300 rpm
*800 blows per minute in hammer mode.
*2 foot pounds impact in hammer mode.
*17.25 inches long
*1 inch max concrete core drill size
*3/4 inch SDS Plus tool bit chuck
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Bosch Hammer Drill
11316EVS SDS-Max Demo Hammer
*Variable speed dial-controlled chipping
*Blows per minute 900 to 1,890 no load
*Chisel can be rotated to 12 positions
*22.5 inch length
*Vibration control for user comfort
*14 amp motor Zero to 300 rpm
*12.4 foot pounds hammer impact.
*Includes Auxiliary Handle and Case
*SDS Max tool bit chuck
Buy a drill that's also a hammer!
Bosch light duty Hammer Drill
Bosch 1191VSRK
*7 amp motor, 120 volts
*Great for the home owner
*Drill or hammer drill
*Weighs 4.1 pounds
*Variable speed switch
*48,000 blows per minute maximum
*Keyed 1/2 inch chuck (not tooless)
Bosch drills and hammer drills from
APD Power Center in Phoenix Arizona.
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Broken Bosch Tool?
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